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Making every set of eyes Beautiful!!

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We work with you in the design of color creations and length effects.

We can create many different looks with the length of the lashes, the weight of the lashes and the application. 

We can design many different color schemes into the creation of you perfect look. 

We will fully discuss the intent of the application and incorporate colors, lengths etc. to make if perfect for that special occasion, formal wear, or daily wear. 

Semi-Permanent - last weeks, Water Resistant - Shower and Swim worry free, Relaxing "Lash Nap" Procedure

Classic Set                              $   95

Hybrid Set                               $ 120

Full Volume Set                      $ 150

Gel-Lys Set                             $ 160

Fills: (my fills are based on a week, so 1 week fills are the amount shown, 2 week fills are twice, 3 week are thrice, etc. leaving the choice up to you as to the frequency)

Classic Fill (1 week)               $   15

Hybrid Fill (1 week)                $   20

Full Volume fill (1 week)        $   25

Gel-Lys Fill (1 week)              $   30

Lash Lift                                  $   40

Lash Tint                                 $   15

About Me

Born and Raised In Idaho, I can't think of a better place to have my studio.

I received my certification in Boise, and have my Studio in Twin Falls.

I currently reside in Buhl, Idaho, on three tranquil acres, with lots of critters!

Making Women feel amazing about themselves while keeping Lashes healthy, is my greatest pride. 

I sincerely look forward to working with you, making your life more beautiful, saving you prep time, and giving you that little oomph to your confidence. 

Nancie Baars

T. 123-456-7890

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